Our Team / Marianne Atherton

Photographer & Digital Artist

Born in Norway, Marianne didn’t stay for long travelling abroad to gain most of her education and working life experience. Graduating from an International Baccalaureate in London, Marianne took on a gap year of exploration and travelled extensively before landing on Australian shores and completing a Bachelor of Business.

Marianne has a personal passion for taking care of the under privileged and throughout her career of business management and administration has taken time out to work with causes locally in Australia and in the third world to give something back.

Marianne’s worldly experience and love of people and cultures help Marianne bring a sensibly compassionate approach to the day to day management of the Oneill & Page Studio.

One Minute with Marianne:

What do you like to do in your spare time? I love reading –anything and everything; mountain bike riding especially exploring new locations and spending time with my family
What is your favourite sport? Definitely Mountain Bike Riding
What is your guilty pleasure? I like to keep it simple – wine and chocolate, either on their own or together!
Any Last Words “People and cultures are my passion; working with the under privileged around the world teaches you that a simple turn of phrase or a side glance transcends borders.”