Our Team / Matt Waugh

Senior Photographer & Senior Digital Artist

Photography may as well have been genetic for Matt with his grandfather handing down his prized old cameras to Matt at a very young age and from then he knew that photography would always be a large part of his life.

Upon finishing his business degree Matt packed his books and hit the path of travel, exploring the world for two years. The experience of reliving his travels through the images he captured led him on a whole new career path.

Matt’s work spans across fashion and commercial industries and his unique ability to capture the energy and personality of the moment has led him to be a specialist in weddings and events Photography.

One Minute with Matt:

What do you like to do in your spare time? Beyond photography my next two loves are surfing and traveling and they’re not mutually exclusive – favourite destinations always involve a surf beach
What is your favourite sport? Not to sound like a broken record but Surfing and then Rugby rank as the favourites
What is your guilty pleasure? Again I seem to be repeating myself but my daily surf kicks me into gear for the day. Plus, working in a role that I am able to get out and explore the world really is a pleasure
Any Last Words “The ability to share and relive a life changing journey via pictures sealed the deal for me. The chance to capture equally life changing moments for people is a true privilege.”